About Us

Our team unites experts in finance, technology, and regulatory frameworks, dedicated to exploring the transformative potential of Bitcoin and driving innovation in corporate finance.

Respected experts, researchers and academics

Advisory Team

Jörg Hermsdorf

Managing Partner, VoB Advisors

Daniel Wingen

Managing Partner, VoB Advisors

Aidan Lawlor

Managing Partner, VoB Advisors

The history of government management of money has, except for a few happy periods, been one of incessant fraud and deception.

Friedrich A. Hayek

Our broad network of

Industry Leaders

Expert Selection for Workshops

Our approach to selecting workshop leaders and speakers involves an extensive network of top-class industry experts in Bitcoin. We meticulously identify individuals who are not only thought leaders but also possess a proven track record in implementing innovative Bitcoin strategies in various sectors.

Diverse and Knowledgeable Leadership

We prioritize diversity and expertise in our selection process, ensuring that our speakers and workshop leaders bring a broad spectrum of insights and experiences. This commitment allows us to offer workshops that are rich in content, comprehensive in scope, and aligned with the latest industry developments.

Former conference and workshop speakers

Selected Experts

Alex Gladstein

CSO, Human Rights Foundation

Lisa Neigut

Lightning Engineer, Blockstream

Obi Nwosu

Founder, Fedimint

Rahim Taghizadegan

Rektor, Scholarium

Aleksandar Svetski

Founder, Spirit of Satoshi

Christopher Bendiksen

Head of Research, Coinshares

Prof. Dr. Gerald Mann

Economics, FOM Munich

Marion Laboure

Research Director, Deutsche Bank

Anita Posch

Founder, Bitcoin for Fairness

René Pickhardt

Lightning Network Researcher

Pierre Rochard

VP Research, Riot Platforms

Dr. Alex von Frankenberg

General Manager, HTGF

… and many more