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Guiding Leaders in Finance to Capitalize on Bitcoin for Enhanced Treasury Asset Management and Seamless Cross-Border Transactions, Preparing Your Business for the Next Epoch of Financial Infrastructure.

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Pioneering Financial Innovation


Discover the transformative power of Bitcoin as it reshapes treasury asset management and revolutionizes cross-border payments. We specialize in guiding SMEs and corporations through a strategic adoption of Bitcoin, thereby positioning them at the forefront of financial innovation. Our approach systematically empowers your business with the necessary expertise and confidence to effectively navigate the complexities of Bitcoin.

Moreover, dedicated to redefining business finance for the digital age, we focus on demystifying Bitcoin, ensuring its integration into your company's operations and financial department is seamless, strategic, and beneficial. We are committed to steering your business through the evolving economic landscape, ensuring it thrives in this new era of digital finance.

What our customers and participants have to say


Thank you for organizing the VoB conference, which was very informative, balanced and entertaining. I can highly recommend the event and would like to participate again.

Ramin Ghafari
Head of Financial Technologies, Treasury

This is the perfect environment to challenge our Bitcoin research results and position ourselves as thought leader in the banking industry.

Jürgen Michels
Chief Economist & Head of Research

The one thing that’s missing [on the Internet], but that will soon be developed, is a reliable e-cash, a method whereby on the Internet you can transfer funds from A to B, without A knowing B or B knowing A.
Milton Friedman

In the forefront of financial change

Why Bitcoin, Why Now?

  • Supports a move towards a digital economy with thermodynamical consistency
  • U.S. SEC recognition: Bitcoin is a commodity, distinct from securities & “crypto”
  • Blackrock: Bitcoin is an “international asset”, bigger than any government
  • Hedge against inflation and currency devaluation in weak countries
  • KMPG: Bitcoin has important role in the ESG framework
  • World’s best performing asset over the past decade
  • Increased adoption and acceptance globally
  • Access to new markets and customer bases

Enhancing your business with tailored Bitcoin solutions

Strategic Approach

Our Offering

In a financial world rapidly embracing Bitcoin, a strategic approach is essential. We offer in-depth workshops, keynote presentations, continuous advisory, and hands-on guidance, ensuring seamless Bitcoin integration for your business. Our expertise in Bitcoin and blockchain technology empowers your organization to navigate Bitcoin with confidence and precision.

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Choosing our guidance means partnering with experts dedicated to your business’s growth through strategic Bitcoin adoption. We are committed to transforming your financial operations with Bitcoin, providing strategic adoption for treasury management, financial integration and international transactions. Striving beyond expectations, we aim to position your business at the forefront of financial innovation.

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