VoB Network

Our exclusive Value of Bitcoin Network connects corporate Bitcoin advocates. Engage in detailed conversations and network with professionals to understand Bitcoin’s use cases across all industries.

Community Elements


21 Minutes Weekly Call

Engage in profound use case knowledge sharing among industry professionals and members every second Friday at 12.00 noon.

Member-Exclusive Events

Attend meetups and conferences specifically designed for network members, focusing on practical Bitcoin applications and strategic insights.

Content Library

Access a collection of webinars, tutorials, and case studies available on demand, supporting efficient self-paced learnings.

Professional Networking

Connect with a network of business leaders and Bitcoin specialists, fostering professional relationships and collaborative opportunities.

Industry Research

Access and contribute to in-depth research delving into Bitcoin market trends, regulatory landscapes, and technological advancements.

Strategic Advisory

Benefit from sessions led by Bitcoin experts, offering tailored advice to enhance your strategic approach to Bitcoin integration.

What our participants have to say


A conference as lively, exciting and controversial as Bitcoin itself. One of the most informative and best conferences I have ever attended.

Giovanni Baumer, CEFA
SVP Institutional Customer Service DE & AT

Such emotional discussions are rarely at classic treasury and finance forums. Above all, I learned that the true value of Bitcoin goes far beyond its technical relevance.

Marcel Wnendt
Leiter Treasury und Corporate Finance

Selected highlights


Prof. Dr. Thorsten Polleit

Good Money, bad money – and how Bitcoin fits in

Manuel Andersch

Bitconometrics and what‘s driving the Bitcoin price

Prof. Dr. Saifedean Ammous

Bitcoin as the working free market alternative to national central banks

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